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Wendel Field - Nature Spirits

Wendel Field Artist

& Papaji Temple

Part stone carving part painting   

Wendel Field Painter

& Everything

An all-inclusive panting of the plant and animal life on Earth

Temple Dome Painting

Wendel paints a celestial mural on the dome of a temple in Lucknow India.  more


Stone Stoa Circle
Megalithic Limestone slabs create a scared space in the forest of southern Indiana.   more

YouTube Video of Stoa Construction

Wendel Field - Stone Carving

 Sculpted Stone Wall

Wendel takes stone carving to a whole new level as he designs and executes a massive (16 foot x 36 foot) limestone wall with incredibly fine carving details for the Neff home in Bloomington Indiana.

Wendel Field Sculptor
Limestone Fireplace - Indiana

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Thich Nhat Han
Thich Nhat Han
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Wendel Field
Cosmic Egg  

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